WARNING: The Mastermind Is Limited To Only 50 People 
This  Mastermind Group of Elite College and University Professionals Will Help You Increase the Enrollment Rate for Your School and Preserve the Future of Your Institution (and Your Career) by Delivering a Better Return on Investment for Your Students.
Dr. Leary and I want to PERSONALLY work with you to increase your enrollment numbers and show better ROI on tuition dollars spent.
You'll learn how to:

Next level your programs and curriculum, engage with alumni and the business community, and create a culture of change through innovation.  

The result: 
Better prepared students
Higher ROI
Higher enrollment
More involved alumni
Job security
Bolstered economic development
What is a Mastermind? Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills - it helps you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. A mastermind group helps all members achieve success because they challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them. The group facilitator engages members to dive deeply into discussions, provides training and expertise and works with members to create success.

How is a Mastermind different than a course or conference? When taking a course or attending a conference, learning and interpreting the content is up to you. You need to determine how the key takeaways can best be utilized and implemented within your organization – there is no accountability, no road map, and no support system to make sure you achieve success. With a mastermind, you work directly with experts in your field who help you create a plan, implement it, and act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates, and supportive colleagues who will push you to achieve success and overcome challenges. A mastermind requires commitment and a willingness and openness to share and receive advice and ideas from others.

A little about our experts
Myra Quick
Myra Quick is the Founder and CEO of Fast Forward Learning & Development, HR Specialist (PHR, SHRM-CP) public speaker, trainer and fierce advocate for higher education students and employers looking to hire them.

Seeing Both Sides . Myra has lived in the HR world for let’s just say “a long time” and she knows what employers are struggling with and what they are looking for in employees. She’s also worked in higher education for “a long time” and she knows what students are learning, and more importantly how many are struggling post-graduation to get a job that is relevant to their degree. She began seeing the disconnect and the need for Competency Based Education (CBE) years before it was the hot topic and education workshops.

There is a disconnect – and a big one.  Myra noticed most schools focus on delivering well-rounded graduates, but not well-rounded future employees. Many colleges and universities have legacy cultures – as in “this is the way we’ve always done it and this is the way it should be” and are unwilling to change those cultures to teach students what they want to learn and give them the exact skills they need for a specific job. AHA moment – the solution has always been crystal clear for Myra. Competency Based Education CBE is the answer – for non-traditional AND traditional students. She launched Fast Forward Learning & Development and the Crosswalk Coalition Mastermind to facilitate change and help bridge the divide between employers and students. 

The struggle is real – the future is hopeful. Like many working mothers, Myra decided to finish her degree and was looking for an alternative that would not only fit her lifestyle but give her the biggest bang for her buck. She chose Bay Path University’s Saturday Learning program allowing her to fast track her degree. It was perfect. Bay Path also introduced Myra to one of the major disruptors and change agents in higher education – Dr. Carol Leary, President and CEO at Bay Path. Myra saw how Dr. Leary literally changed the course of the then college’s future by embracing change, connecting deeply with local businesses which included secured funding and taking an almost extinct school to one of the premier 4 year universities on the east coast.  Myra knew Dr. Leary was on to something bigger than Bay Path – and the rest is well, history.  

It’s simply a passion. Let’s just say, she isn’t letting go anytime soon. Myra is passionate about ensuring that every student that enrolls – traditional or non-traditional – in college receives the core competencies they need for success once they graduate.  Not only is she passionate about Competency Based Education, she is passionate about the future of our private 4 year schools who are facing a daunting future with declined enrollment. She believes shifting the way we educate will help right the decreased admissions, save schools, save communities and save jobs.   

Dr. Carol A. Leary became president of Bay Path University in December, 1994.  During her tenure, Bay Path has enriched and enlarged the curriculum with new baccalaureate programs and professional certificates; established over 30 graduate and post-graduate degrees; introduced the innovative One Day A Week Saturday Program for adult women and created two additional campus locations; launched The American Women's College, the first all-women, all-online baccalaureate program in the nation; and expanded and renovated major campus buildings.

Dr. Leary’s leadership has propelled Bay Path through a series of strategic plans that have transformed the institution. In addition to obtaining University status in 2014. Her entrepreneurial approach to higher education has resulted in the diversification and growth of programs which continue to generate new revenue streams driving solid operating results year over year. Enrollment at Bay Path has grown from fewer than 450 students when she arrived in 1994 to 3,400 students today. Bay Path University was named by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the 20 fastest growing baccalaureate colleges in America, and one of the fastest-growing “private nonprofit master’s institutions” in the United States. 

Dr. Carol Leary
Deene Morris
Deene Morris is the Founder and CEO of Inspire Leadership. Deene does a lot of work in the education sector around communication styles, culture change, and getting groups together to affectively take action.
When I told her about Crosswalk she immediately said – I'm coming to Savannah and we absolutely absolutely need to do 2 sessions on Communication and Negotiation so your members can take their ideas and not only get buy in from peers but garner support from the community and get their programs implemented.” 

Deene is going to address THE biggest hurdles most schools have implementing Core Competency Education programs:
  • Buy in from peers
  • Getting the program implemented - because a shift in culture needs to happen 
  • Negotiating with outside resources and businesses to support the programs both intellectually and financially
Deene works with CEOs, educators, business partners, and teams to guide them to a deeper understanding of their core needs, values, talents, skills, and behaviors. As a result, people learn how they are showing up, how best to interact with others, and how to live happy, productive lives.
50 seats available for this ground breaking program.
See if your school qualifies...
Accepting applications in....
Take a sneak peek inside of...
The Crosswalk Coalition
  • The Crosswalk Coalition is only for Colleges or Universities that are urgently concerned about declining enrollment rates and want to increase the ROI on every Tuition Dollar spent by students.
  • The Crosswalk Coalition member is an employee with the power to create change in a small private College or University with less than 7000 students. 
  • The Crosswalk Coalition is a 6 month program that will require commitment, and a willingness from each member to share wins, ideas, struggles and frustrations. We work together to solve the bigger problem facing our higher education system.
What you can expect each month from...
The Crosswalk Coalition
  • January: Designing and Building your Framework Kick off in Savannah with a slew of brilliant speakers including Deene Morris of Inspire Leadership and Dr. Carol Leary of Bay Path University. 2.5 Days, lots of deep work, and the framework to get you moving. We will identify and address the major roadblocks and how to overcome them.  
  • February: Refining your framework and aligning key stakeholders 2 video training calls, weekly email support. Share your wins and losses in our online collaborative space.
  • March: Data Data Data The key to metrics and ROI – learn how to gather the right data and use it to bring value back to your students. We will expand on your toolkit and introduce you to some fabulous experts to help you get it right.
  • April: Branding & Marketing This month we are building on what you learned in Savannah – how to brand and market your program so you get everyone drinking your powerful Kool-Aid! From students to stakeholders – you need to tell your story.
  • May: MONEY. How to fund this beast! Bringing in corporate and alumni sponsors, utilizes free resources and maximizing staffing. Learn how to build and sustain your programs without breaking the bank. Remember – it’s all about increasing enrollment!
  • June: Final check in to make sure you have everything you need to successfully launch your own program and secure all the pieces you need to make that happen. What are your action steps needed to turn that framework into reality. 
Submit your application today to join us. 
Here's what's included: 
  •  2 Day Intensive Kick Off -  The Crosswalk Coalition kicks off in Savannah, GA with a welcome reception on Jan. 26th, followed by 2 days of training 
  • 6 Months of hard-hitting information, accountability and tracking. We need you to succeed – failure is NOT an option. We will bring in experts monthly based on what the TEAM needs – we aren’t making assumptions. 
  • Weekly coaching and training emails - to keep you motivated and on a mission to success including status check-ins from our team – where are you, what’s happening, and where are you stuck – remember failure is not an option.
  • Monthly training calls - engaging you in learning new things to implement within your school. Can't make it - we record them!
  • ​Monthly Q&A calls - to keep you moving forward. Can't make it - we record them!
  • ​Complete Core Competency Tool Kit that is open source, you can brand it and use it any way you want. Use as is – or take what you want and add or subtract – choice is yours.
  • ​Coaching and accountability - to make sure you stay on track.
  • ​Access to experts in the field of education - learn from the best in the biz and trailblazers in their fields.
  • Online collaborative space where you can share wins, losses, frustrations and ASK other members for HELP. We will be in there daily sharing, helping, nudging and keeping you accountable.
  • ​The power of the mastermind – Cone of Silence – what happens in here stays in here. We need to trust each other in order to make it work.
  • RESULTS - we aren’t going to let you fail – we are 100% focused on the movement, the big problem – so we need everyone in the mastermind to collectively bring this knowledge to their school and take MASSIVE ACTION and share with others. 
Your Investment*
  • Only $5,995 - for 6 months of training, accountability, motivation, and the framework you need to be successful
  • BOGO Special - Want to bring additional members of your team? Buy one admission at full price and get a second member for only $3,000.
  • Apply by November 30th - Don't miss out on this amazing movement. All applications must be completed by November 30th to be considered for the program.
* Applications must be received by November 30th, however follow up calls can be scheduled after the application deadline. Payments must be received within  a maximum of 30 days after acceptance into the program.  All payments must be received prior to December 15th, 2019 for acceptance into the program.
This group is for College or Universities that are suffering from decreased enrollment, are ready to make a change, take action, and prevent the doors of their school from closing for good.

This will be the most productive program you have ever been a part of!
Staggering statistics from  the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center
40% of College grads take non degree required jobs out of school . 1 in 5 are still in a non degree required job after 10 years!
Students and parents are looking to maximize their tuition dollars and Private 4 year schools are struggling to deliver
40% of undergraduates never visit career centers and their Colleges or Universities!
Why this matters...
Schools are closing at an alarming rate due to decreased enrollment and alumni dollars - resulting in the loss of jobs and status for alumni.

Students do not possess the core competencies they need for the work force and therefor are not getting the ROI on their tuition investments.

More and more high school students and their parents are second guessing the value in a College education. 
Why the Crosswalk Coalition is the solution

  • Fast track your success. Work with a team who has been in your shoes.  You'll learn how to improve the return on investment for every dollar a student spends on their education. A value add to their education leading to higher enrollment and lesser chance of school closure. Whether you work in Career Development, Student Employment, or Finance, if you are engaged in supporting student development beyond the classroom working with me is a must do if you want to increase your already declining enrollment.
  • Hear from top leaders and innovatorsNot only will I be sharing my program and helping you shape it to fit your college or university, but you'll also being learning from top innovators in the higher education system who see just how big an issue the declining enrollment is for smaller, private colleges - and what you can do to fix it.
  • Learn how to implement your own programI'm so passionate about helping smaller schools avoid closure due to declining enrollment that I started my own company that focuses solely on the issue. Employers desire academically sound and workplace savvy employees. Ensuring your graduates possess the necessary competencies to succeed in the workplace will identify your institution as a leader for graduate placement. This program is the foundation to ensure a greater return on investment for your students and their families.
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